Dear Crypto Enthusiast,

what is the easiest way to get rich with cryptocurrency? Many crypto influencers will probably tell you: Just HODL Bitcoin. Sounds sensible.

But what if we told you that there is a way to outperform HODL by using AI Trading Technology?

This world leader in Fintech has a 12 years history of producing impressive results for institutional clients all over the world.

Here is the best part: This Fintech company was the first crypto trading company to be audited by EY (Ernst & Young).

This Fintech company is now partnering with an innovative crowd funding platform to raise more than $10 Million dollars for R&D to take their AI technology to a level not seen in the financial world.

After the official launch in March 2021 the platform has:

  • More than 165,000 members
  • $140 Million dollars in trading volume
  • $64 Million dollars profit withdrawn by members
  • Generated 52% profit vs. Bitcoin from March to September
  • Launched a token that moved from $0.10 to $3.00 in two months and was listed on 4 exchanges
  • Launched a launchpad for DCO (decentralized crowd offerings)
  • Entered a partnership with a global crypto debit card provider

Here is the historical performance of 2021:

And this is only the beginning!

Forex trading has launched in April 2022 and the performance has broken all records! The cumulative trading result reached 279% in just over 7 months.

If you break it done to monthly performance, the average would be 20%!

However, you can cash out weekly!

You have an opportunity to benefit 3 different ways.

  • Participate in the crowd fund and receive shares in the Fintech company’s IPO (public listing).
  • Receive passive earnings as Trading Rewards from the new super AI trading with the $500M plus trading pool as a crowd funder
  • Share this unique opportunity with others and earn additional income rewards (optional)

The best part is you can start crowd funding with as little as $100 knowing that institutional investors normally pay $125K a year to access the Fintech company’s AI Trading technology and need to have a minimum of $1M to trade.

You can top up your crowd funding contribution anytime to access more rewards.

Click here to join.

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