Daisy Event Summary

Summary from the Daisy event 24/25 September with huge announcements!

Day 1

⁃ Endotech was audited by EY (Ernst & Young)

Blockchain audit was performed by one of the biggest audit company Ernst & Young. For legal reasons the audit will not be published. An official statement on how to respond to audit related questions will be released soon.

⁃ Endotech to launch Forex trading effectively 12th October

Unlike crypto trading Forex trading will be active trading (10 trades per day in average). Forex trading participants will see daily results. Dr. Anna expects 2 of 3 winning days.

⁃ A special promotion will start for existing Daisy members on 12th October and ends on 31st October

Members that buy 1 Tier will qualify for 1-2 Tier matrixes

Members that buy 2 Tiers will qualify for 1-4 Tier matrixes

Members that buy 3 Tiers will qualify for 1-6 Tier matrixes

Members that buy 4 Tiers will qualify for 1-8 Tier matrixes

Members that buy 5 Tiers will qualify for all 10 Tier matrixes

Example: You contribute 3,100$ to buy 5 Tiers in Daisy Crowd Fund. That will unlock all 10 matrices for you. Important note: It will not unlock all 10 generations. However, it allows you to earn commissions from Tier packages 1 to 10. This is true for both, Forex and Crypto.

⁃ Combo packs will launch on 1st November.

Example: Tier 1 package will be 200$ and gets you Tier 1 in Forex and Tier 1 in Crypto.

Day 2

30 days reset to reach Pacesetter

Existing members will have time until 31st October (35 days from now) to reach Pacesetter Gold and Pacesetter Leader.

Any member who reaches Pacesetter Leader before the end of crowdfunding will get Endotech equity out of a 2% global Equity pool.

New direct sales volume of 128,000$ will be required to become Pacesetter. However, no new 24 direct members will be required. Old members can be used to qualify.

Example: You have 22 direct members. All you have to do to reach PSG is recruiting two new members and generate 128,000$ direct sales. That includes Forex and Crypto volumes.

Daisy App enhancements

Daisy App was upgraded with new features. New tutorials were created to allow easier sign up process. It will be possible to pay the monthly fee in crypto soon.

CoinZoom partnership

Daisy members will get exclusive benefits when using CoinZoom.

CoinZoom is a global crypto exchange with DeFi products and crypto VISA cards. It’s available in 192 countries.

E.g. Daisy members will enjoy higher APY (+2%) in stable coin staking.

Some of the exchange commissions will go into a Daisy leadership pool and will be shared with Pacesetters on a monthly basis.

All Daisy members get access to the Gold card upfront. To get the Black card (10,000$ daily limit) you need to stake 100,000 Zoom tokens that moved from 0,05$ to 0,06$ only today! Black card also gives you 5% cashback in Zoom tokens.

Daisy members will use this URL to enjoy all these benefits: https://trycoinzoom.com/daisy.html

Daisy DCO

Details on Daisy staking were presented but cannot be revealed at this stage. Staking will have a very competitive referral system that will be applied to the existing Daisy structure.

ArtWallet will join the Daisy launchpad on 19th October.

Collaboration with NEAR blockchain was announced. NEAR token is in the CMC Top 50. More partnerships will be announced soon.

Daisy Token is now listed on the MECX (decentralized exchange) exchange.

More CEX (centralized exchange) will be announce soon.

The biggest highlight of the 2 days event was Daisy being featured on the tallest building of the world Burj Khalifa. Have a look:

For questions please join: https://t.me/daisyglobal

Still not part of Daisy? Click here to sign up.

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