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Dear Crypto Enthusiast, what is the easiest way to get rich with cryptocurrency? Many crypto influencers will probably tell you: Just HODL Bitcoin. Sounds sensible. But what if we told you that there is a way to outperform HODL by using AI Trading Technology? This world leader in Fintech has a 12 history of producing impressive results for institutional clients all over the world.Continue reading “D.AI.SY or HODL?”

Daisy Event Summary

Summary from the Daisy event 24/25 September with huge announcements! Day 1 ⁃ Endotech was audited by EY (Ernst & Young) Blockchain audit was performed by one of the biggest audit company Ernst & Young. For legal reasons the audit will not be published. An official statement on how to respond to audit related questionsContinue reading “Daisy Event Summary”

How to join Daisy Global

Joining Daisy is as easy as 1-2-3 … Use this link: To access the DAISY platform we recommend using the Tronlink wallet app or the Tronlink chrome extension on your PC. 1) Download Tronlink app to your phone, (or install Tronlink chrome extension on your computer). 2) Setting up Tronlink app will automatically provide you with a TRX wallet, as well as wallets forContinue reading “How to join Daisy Global”

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Hi, we are an independent affiliate group that helps the Daisy Global community to grow.

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